WooCommerce Website Specialist

Are you selling physical products, downloadable digital content or drop shipping via your website? We make online shops using WooCommerce- an extension for WordPress used to facilitate selling online.

From simple products to configurable ones- coupon codes, inventory management and customer retention programs and more- we can design develop and optimise a WordPress website made with Woocommerce.

As part of our you can learn the essentials of managing, modifying and optimising a woocommerce WordPress site. One-to-one training- on your own website, addressing your unique questions- will set you on the road to mastery in no time!

WooCommerce specialist website developer
Online shops made using Woocommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce Functionality Repaired

Have a Woocommerce programmer solve any operational problems on the front end of your WordPress website. If products aren’t loading into the shopping cart when people make a purchase- or if the interface is difficult for the customer to navigate- these issues will impact your bottom line.

Woocommerce Theme Custom Layouts Designed

We’ll configure better theme layouts for pages or products. If you sell something that needs a complex quote on shipping we can make WooCommerce notify you- and the customer- of the order and that the freight cost is being calculated.
We fix design problems, user experience concerns and streamline your visitors’ journey throughout your website.

Routine Maintenance, Upgrades and Security Hardening

Regular maintenance of Woocommerce on WordPress websites is essential. Maintain performance, security of customer data and trouble-free functionality. We reolve any plugin anomalies and extension problems to keep your site working as it should- and your customers happy!

Expert SEO Service for WordPress and WooCommerce

Simple or complex website- online shops or lead generation pages- whatever market you’re in- somebody will be getting free organic traffic while others pay for Ads. Follow the link- learn how specific will optimise your website for organic rank.

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    Are You in a Competitive Market?

    Harnes the power of search engine optimisation for WooCommerce.
    A well opimised website can even outrank the manufacturer’s website for their own products!
    Avoid paying for online ads- and attract your share of the organic searches that currently get diverted to your competition.

    high end audio accessory website designed and built by wordpress designer

    website for tiny house builder developed by WordPress web designer

    wordpress website tourism industry web developer

    All WooCommerce Customising

    Do you need to streamline the user experience on your website?
    Are people able to find what they’re looking for easily and buy it with minimal fuss?
    Ask someone who is not very computer literate to complete a purchase of some variable products from your website and note the problems they encounter.
    When you need a woocommerce specialist who is an expert in SEO and WordPress- we’re here.