WordPress Web Developer

When you need a WordPress web developer in Melbourne – we’re your team!
We are full-stack WordPress developers- specialists in front-end, back-end, database and server admin.
We’re your independent .
Invigorate fresh energy into the presentation and functionality of your web site.
Experience improved visibility throughout search results and delight your visitors with a design that’s easy to navigate.
Increase visitor engagement with pages that load and render without issues across computers phones and tablets.

expert level freelance wordpress developer in Melbourne
WordPress website developer and programmer Melbourne

WordPress Custom Programming

Unique problems relating to WordPress websites debugged, solved and corrected. Get everything working as it should.
Extension conflicts resolved. Javascript calls reduced where possible and CSS presentation rules streamlined and optimised for lighter code and faster load speeds.
We fix design problems, user experience concerns and streamline your visitors’ journey throughout your website.

Custom WordPress Themes Developed

Id your branding unique enough to warrant a custom theme? Are you running multiple websites and need a consistent look made on a lightweight, search engine optimisation enabled framework running ?
We can develop a special theme for you- unique to your business- which you’ll be able to work on and modify as you need.

WooCommerce Customising, Optimisation and Debugging

We’ll sort your ecommerce concerns- fix issues with shopping carts, product displays, checkout problems and category trees.
Read more about our .

Routine Maintenance, Upgrades and Security Hardening

Regular maintenance of WordPress websites is essential for optimal performance and user experience. Our WordPress experts check plug-ins and extensions for compatibility, and optimal performance.

We do SEO for WordPress

Simple or complex website- online shops or lead generation pages- whatever market you’re in- somebody will be getting free organic traffic while others pay for Ads. Follow the link- learn how specific will optimise your website for organic rank.

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    Harness the Power of PHP and WordPress

    We’ll design, program and develop a website that achieves what you want.
    Plugins and extensions make it possible to integrate custom functions and high performance into WordPress.
    Booking APIs, shopping platforms, payment gateways, membership subscription managers- and lots more.

    high end audio accessory website designed and built by wordpress designer

    website for tiny house builder developed by WordPress web designer

    wordpress website tourism industry web developer