WordPress Training Course

WordPress training course presented as a practical, hand-on workshop.
Learn Woocommerce, SEO for Word Press and tips for making your website look great.
Understand how to build, modify and tune websites for optimal performance.
We teach everything from the fundamentals of selecting a theme and plugins, to modifying layouts and advanced programming.

WordPress group training course
WordPress workshop user training classes in Melbourne

WordPress Training for All Levels

For Beginners:

Learn the fundamentals! WordPress training for website managers, digital marketing personnel and small business owners.
Woocommerce training for groups or one on one. Learn to manage products, categories, SEO for online shops- and payment systems.
Expand your skills in areas like setting categories, content types and working with media. Understand what widget are- how they work and what to do to make them, place them and get the look you want.
Classes teach how to change styles and modify the look and feel of pages, menus and headers.
Learn how to add borders to images, work with slideshows and forms, plugins and video.

Intermediate WordPress Training

Roll your sleeves up and learn the right way to make child-themes, theme overrides, and how to use CSS properly.
If you haven’t written code before- this is where you’ll get into the basics of understanding and editing the php files on your server. We’ll also show you how to restore from a backup- which you’ll create before starting.
You will gain an understanding of the investigative process professional developers use to get to the cause of a problem quickly.

Advanced WordPress Training

Harness the power of theme development and custom functions. Specific tutorials are developed to address your questions. Learn to maintain security and investigate intrusions. Understand the steps required to prevent issues from recurring. Learn advanced CSS for WordPress and how to safeguard your work. Minimise the likelihood of loss.
We teach the exact method of optimising a WordPress website that we use here.
Follow the link- learn how specific will optimise your website for organic rank.

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    Recent Websites

    Here are some of the latest websites built using WordPress.
    All our websites are thoroughly tested and optimised for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.
    We can build in SEO attributes for advantage right from the start.

    high end audio accessory website designed and built by wordpress designer

    website for tiny house builder developed by WordPress web designer

    wordpress website tourism industry web developer

    Showcase Your Business to Your Market

    We’ll develop a website for you that gets you taken seriously.
    The whole process is smooth- from concept to completion.
    Have you been locked out of your website admin?
    If your web developer controls your hosting- we can get around that too.
    Even if they don’t give you full access!